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Okan Ay

Managing Partner at Techcareer.net
  • Company Techcareer.net
  • Experience Okan Ay, who graduated from Hacettepe University Industrial Engineering Department in 2014, started his career by being accepted to Vodafone Discover Young Talent program. He worked in different departments of Vodafone Turkey for about 4 years. Aiming to learn and constantly improve himself, Okan became the marketing manager of the İşin Olsun brand of Kariyer.net at the end of 2017 in order to advance his career on a digital platform. After launching Turkey's largest blue-collar employment application -İşin Olsun to the market, he took on many tasks in the product and marketing areas of Kariyer.net, and most recently, he took the role of Managing Partner by advancing Techcareer.net, which is the corporate venture of Kariyer.net. With brand vision of closing the technology talent gap, which is one of the biggest sector problems in Turkey and the world, he has touched 100 thousands of technology candidates over a period of more than 1 year and provided free professional expertise training in the field of technology to more than 2000 young people. The exciting journey continues with Techcareer.net, which enables candidates to be discovered, trained and get their new jobs.
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