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Ready, Set, Spotlight!

Join the most innovative mobile game studios in Studio Spotlight session hosted by Mobidictum. Our exclusive Network events and broadcast is the perfect platform to get your message out and promote your studio to the gaming world.

Features section:

A Global Reach

Reach an audience of hundreds with our live broadcast. With our one-of-a-kind platform, you can speak to a global audience and make your voice heard.

Showcase Your Studio

Show off your studio’s achievements and let people know why they should be excited about your upcoming projects. Let the game industry know who you are and why it matters!

Get Started Now!

Don’t wait – get your application now with Studio Spotlights and make sure everyone knows about your studio’s amazing work! All it takes is a fill out the application form, and you’re ready for Studio Spotlight.

Present your work to a wider audience

Our Studio Spotlight sessions are designed to help you expand your reach and tell your story. Get a chance to present your game studio on stage, sharing your experiences and projects with the world.

Exclusive networking opportunities

Not only do you get to present in front of hundreds of industry professionals, but you also get the chance to network with fellow game studios, investors, influencers, and more! Make valuable connections that could be beneficial in the long run.

2 minutes to make an impression

You will have 2 minutes for a stage presentation prepared especially for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to show off your work and make an impression on the audience. There’s no better way to get noticed in the industry!

*Studio Spotlight seats are limited.

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